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Megan Thomas

Bass Trombone


Bass Trombone

Previous Bands:
St Dennis Band 1999-2012; Mount Charles Youth Band 2012- Present

Megan started playing at the age of 5 on the baritone at St Dennis Band.  She moved to the trombone at the age of 10, joining the Cornwall Youth Brass Band in 2005.  Megan then moved to the Bass Trombone for the youth band in 2007, returning to tenor trombone for St. Dennis senior band in 2009.  She finally moved back to Bass Trombone in 2010.

Megan joined Mount Charles Youth Band in 2012, leaving St Dennis to take up the Bass Trombone position with Bugle Silver in 2013.

As well as being involved in brass banding, Megan is also involved with Young Farmers.

Memorable banding moment:
Meganís favourite banding moment came in 2006 at the Torquay Contest (SWBBA), playing Resurgam with St Dennis Youth Band.

Why Megan likes playing in Bugle Silver Band:
Megan is one of the newest additions to Bugle Silver Band, so watch this space for updates to her profile!

Holton Bass Trombone

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