P.C. Tonkin & Son

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Bugle Silver Band would like to thank their Friends and Patrons for their continued support

Friends of Bugle Silver Band
Patrons of Bugle Silver Band
Mr Jack Willcock
Mr Raymond Blee
Mr Oscar Sweet
Mr Michael Gunningham
Mrs Rosemary Gunningham
Sue Congdon
Mr John Cockwill
Mrs P. J. Rosevear
Mr Robert Bullock
Mrs Tina Bullock
Mr Harvey Dunstan
Grace Heywood
Mr Tim Heywood
Mrs Brenda Lamb
Nigel & Heather Couchman
Mr Adrian Webb
Mr Stephen A. Scott
Mrs Heather D. Scott
Mrs Annette Harris
Mr Nathan Armitage
Mrs Judith K. Armitage
Mr Duncan M. Armitage
Mr David Armitage

Mr and Mrs C. Scott
Mr and Mrs A. Powell
Mrs P. Roberts
Mr W. James
Mr and Mrs Mortimore
Mrs E. Tucker
Mr and Mrs G. Rusbridge
Mr and Mrs T. Neal
Mr and Mrs J. Tonkin
Mr and Mrs J. Pinney
Mr and Mrs G. Stephens
Mr J. Tanner
Mr and Mrs M. Husband
Mr and Mrs T. Trudgeon
Mr and Mrs K. Husband
Mrs B. Kestle
Rosevears of Bugle
Mr and Mrs A. Honey
Mr E. G. A. Sincock
Mrs B. Edwards
Mr and Mrs S. Rodger - Bugle Inn
Mrs S. Skelton
Mrs K. Hocking
Mrs J. Vincent
Mrs V. Higman
Miss M. Tonkin

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